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Just a quick post!
The last party for this month ended on Saturday. I felt slightly apologetic to my dear friend! I didn't complete the card when I hand it to her. I couldn't finish writing what I felt like telling her as my friends were rushing me...

I was slightly mad... 'Being busy' is being used as an excuse too often. Be it me or others. But people will always reply with 'is understandable'. I don't get which part is understandable. Surfing the web for a present idea or when you are out with other friends, you just have to go into a shop and check out what's good for the birthday good. I feel that as long as you make an effort to do something, results will definitely show. There will definitely be a sign of it.

Having the mindset that, "There always someone out there free to get the present" is so wrong! Is like saying that, there is always someone out there free to carry out all these tasks that I deem unimportant (at the moment). So, somehow I always end up being the 'free' person. Frankly speaking, I am not free either! I just try to squeeze time out because to me, friends are important too. And sometimes I try to tell myself they are not that important as compared to my studies/tests/assignments. I have to tell myself the opposite, contrary to the general ideas because it's upsetting to think that these people don't hold you as dearly too. I hate it the most when people still give me the, "It doesn't matter" attitude or "I don't know!" when we are getting the present. Even more so, if you roll eye at me. Clearly, you are not making any effort.

Ok, seems like my temper has raised a few notches by accident... I guess I am just very particular about things. I can't help that. It might sound as if I'm very petty, but you will have to catch the entire story to determine. It may just be a small thing--buying present, however, it lets us catch a glimpse about how people treat friends or surrounding issues. Perhaps, is just me who extremely dislike people who take advantage of others.

Many more stories to share. As usual, time is short.

Assignments and tests due this week.

Gotta go. :/
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I miss about 2 weeks worth of Arashi news? Anything before 26 September of my newsfeed can't be checked anymore... It seems like a lot happen during that 2 weeks eh...

Hopefully I didn't miss any important subbed videos... T.T

Work has been hectic... T.T
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It has been a long while!!! D:

2-3 weeks without touching LJ? I have gradually started to diligently read up my subject guide for all 4 mods. School has started for about a month and a week. Work is definitely piling bit by bit each week. Things to work on or copy or read up is double the amount every week.

Just wanna do a quick catch up on a lot of things! From my weekly doses to Arashi updates to my dramas news etc etc... I think I have too many interests (and hobbies?).

Personally, my health is getting better I would say. I am safe to say, the infections on my face has finally clear. I am left with marks which will gradually fade away months later. The scars will be permanently, but all in all I feel good. haha I don't need to be pretty, I just want my body to be healthy! It will have the natural glow then~ :)) I hope I can keep up with the routine and not be lazy! I realise the importance of eating home-cook food. Seems like my body loves that the most! My period comes more on time and less cramps when I have daily homecook (healthy) food. I will have to keep that up even during exam then. Staying stress free is important too. I learn a lot about my body through this ordeal. Experiencing it yourself (though best not to... :/) and reading it from book and newspapers are two different things! You tend to not heed people's advice unless the misfortune falls on you one day.

Well, I have enough of it. From now on, I shall be good a follow through with my routine. Hopefully I can cut down my expenses on visiting the clinic! It is really taking a toll on my savings... T.T Have to figure out if I should visit her one last time. Make sure I list out all the queries beforehand, if that's my last time seeing her!

Ah, got to sleep already! Anything after 11p.m. is consider burning midnight oil~

Waking up early tomorrow morning too to crash MA lecture. Hope I won't be too lost or shag...


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Seems like my period came. If it is, I'm glad and hope that every month is like this, painless. However, if it isn't, I am extremely worried about the current condition of my body. I really hope that this is a sign that my body is healing due to all the homecook meals! I'm really making an effort there! Please give me some credit by showing me some signs! I went MOM this morning. But as expected, I can't claim my salary through MOM as under the Employment Act 2006, an employee can't claim any salary or unclaimed overtime pay (etc...) over a year. Basically, I can't get it collect my salary through this means as time has lapsed. It has been more than a year. Nearly two. :/ I need to write an email soon and hopefully RCC will get back to me and pay me the $800+ worth of salary (CPF excluded!). The CPF guy hasn't called me yet... I hope they didn't forget. I need the money (desperately!)

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As usual, I always complained, "SO BUSY!!!!!!!"

Too many things I want to complete at one go! Working cum tuition is no joke~ Too many things to say till I don't know where to start with too... I will just type whatever that comes into my mind...

1) Results

Results are out on the 14 Aug 2014, 8PM. Sadly, I failed my contract law... I should seriously not have taken that subject. ://///// Too many 'should have' and 'but then'. If only I have known of SQP earlier, the change in accounting policy, I would have taken other mods. Now, in order to secure Second Class Honours, I would have to score First Class Honours Scores (because they will downgrade my score rank by one now)... I have definitely gotten myself in a shitty and sticky situation...

Things to do: Analyse and re-pick on the mods.
(I have actually done up a list last year, of the mods to take till end of Uni, but I guess I have to change my plans now. I should stop my un-decisiveness and be more determine in my studies. And have more confidence and faith in myself too.)

2) Work

Work is ending soon. I wonder if I should consider helping them out for 2 more months (i.e. till end of October) I haven't figure out how did they calculate the salary cause it doesn't make sense to me have keying various possible scenarios... :/

Things to do: To figure out the salary calculations. Basically, clarify with HR. (IF YOU DARE! T.T)

Talking about this reminds me about the salary of my previous job. Apparently, it is going to 'court' aka MOM (I think). To put it simply, this colleague (whom took over me after I left), didn't get her salary too. Unlike the rest of us who chose to settle it privately and usually end up forgoing our salary, she chose to hold up the rights by going to MOM.

Things to do: Well, I need to double check with her face to face what exactly and where exactly is this 'court' she is referring to. She took my IC and address without much explanations over whatsapp. This should be settle quickly. ASAP.

Ah! I still have tuition. I guess that should be put under here. lol~ I am left with one tuition now. The other has someone reliefing me for now since I have to 'inter'. Hopefully, he will welcome me back next month. lol (I doubt so >.<) Anyway, the P6 Chinese kid will be having his PSLE~ I am proud of myself! hahaha due to limited resource (and such low payyy...well it is voluntary work anyway~), I typed out LC for him base on listening to the wmv! Sometimes I think I might really be mend to be a teacher like what the career personality tests have said. (maybe I can re-consider it next time~ haha) I was really elated and proud of myself somehow. haha small happiness. Gleeing~ :D

Things to do: Type a few more LC and check with S if he has done them before. Settle how the recording will be played during class.

3) Health --> FACE

This is rather big put it simply, I need a healthy lifestyle. My body system is rather screw up. The Chinese always says they can tell from your face your body's condition generally. I am currently having severe acne...due to stress from exams previously (and many others...) Apart from seeing my facial doc to clear up my face (which seems well for the first 2 weeks but now more pus has started popping out ever since one of my (one week) medication has stopped. This is a bad sign. I don't wanna rely on that to keep it under control. It just means that my 'severe' condition is really quite severe. :/ It kind of affects my mood too cause I can tell that when I am talking to people, usually strangers and aunties! (it is damned obvious!), their eyes are staring at your reddish cheeks and pus instead of your eyes. Sometimes, when I take public transport, you can find people staring at your occasionally. Like really... sigh... is difficult to not feel demoralise and you will have many asking you, "You don't drink enough water?", "Not enough sleep?", "Stress?" Hell yes! Cause by all of you! Idiots! Grrrr... stop asking! seriously! Well, I have come to like myself more now. I know that the medications I am taking helps and my acne really won't be this severe as long as I heed my doctor's advice. I just hope my body (face to be exact) can recover faster now, and I will really take good card of it from now on. Really!

Things to do:
1) Monthly facial doc
2) Sleep early (+ fruits and vegetables everyday!) I really want homecook meal!
3) Have soup at least twice every week!
4) NO SUN! (for now.)
5) Complete all print-out notes on detox! Complete all tables and word lists! URGENT!
6) Facial Ingredient list!
7) Settle Insurance URGENT!
8) Cervical Cancer Jab URGENT!

*Point 7) and 8) actually can be on their own as I have so much to say and ask about them! T.T I really want to discuss with my family but all of them don't seem to have the time for me and said that everything should be up to me since I will be the one paying in the future. True in some sense, but an opinion and some discussions would be good right. I hope to settle them before work is over which is in about less than 2 weeks time.

Things to do
: Health check up (after insurance is settled)

I wonder if I have covered all my little worries here. Seems a lot. In the midst of my hectic life, I have constantly be thinking about all these and many other tiny mini stuff which has yet have the honoured of coming on board of the list above...

Time to take a step closer to all these goals~ Going to read up on what I am supposed to read now~

Nights! And take care + good luck to myself! Jia you!

Rather Screwed
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Yesterday till today, I have made enough mistakes till I feel like just bang my own head to the wall... It doesn't help that my friend (cum colleague) kept laughing at me... sigh...

3 major incidents (+ a few minors one + sorry mum and dad that I raised my voice...)

1) Ignore colleague
When we were going home yesterday, I didn't realised that our colleague was saying 'hi' to us. My friend replied, but I just looked up and down on my phone again because I was processing if I should delete that email or not... ANYWAY, I totally forgot her face... We met on the first day and after that I totally didn't see her around anymore. She stared at me once wondering while I didn't reply her at all. Utterly rude! If I was the other party, I might feel slightly annoyed and bewildered. "Why did this person just DAO me when I didn't even do anything wrong?!" is probably what I will feel...
Even worse, after we went separate ways, I told my friend about it (cause she didn't realise I didn't greet back?). My friend didn't make me feel any better AT ALL. I was really quite depress... Sometimes I really don't know what had gone through my brain. The funniest thing is, when reaching the MRT station then I realise that I mistook her for another person. So firstly, I forgot about her. Then, I mistook her. It felt liked it was really too late by the time I realised...zzz so my friend make fun of me the second time...

I seriously have this issue of opening my mouth to greet people and apologising for little mistakes lately. Just lately only... is it because I got treated badly too much during the morning rush hour and last week at work? lol... I don't like these excuses myself...I hope this can improve tomorrow. Really...please...STOP PICKING UP THIS WEIRD HABIT.

Anyway, I see her today at the pantry, pressing for her drink at the vending machine. I reeeallllyyy wanted to clear the misunderstanding with her...but I felt like it wasn't a right place. (and lack of courage?) If only she saw me, I would have told her, but she didn't. It is weird to stop someone just to explain this right? Sigh... I hope another chance will come again tomorrow. The toilet maybe? Though that's where gossips are from... I really want to explain to her badly. Though my friend said it's worse telling her that you can't recognise her, I thought differently about that. At least let the person know that she/he is not being disliked? That's what I think. Hope I can clear things up soon!

2) 'Perfumed' Peporo
Ok, I know it sounds weird. Today my friend's boss gave us some snacks (like a form of celebration since their fasting is over). A hungry pig as I would be, I ate it during tea time (3+ p.m.). It tastes weird. So I got my friend to try it, while I pick up another stick. She said it shouldn't taste like this, suggested I should stop eating jokingly. After 3-4 sticks, my friend found the problem. Apparently the boss puts the snacks near her (malay) 'perfume' (they usually don't use alcohol but some heavy scented liquid), and the peporo sticks contacted with the liquid or something...and I ate it... Don't think I will get cologne poisoning I...hope... And there, my same friend make fun of me...again...

3) Oh! Today is 30th July?!
I know my friend's birthday is on 30th July, but I didn't know today is 30th July! That's my problem short, I kind of upset my friend now...
Even now as I am typing this, I am clearing things up and I can feel that the 'hahaha' is just to make everything lighter. But deep inside, the real issue probably still hasn't been solved. I have just created a knot in the friendship by myself (that-kind-of-feeling). So sorry. However, I have a further explanation to this! I didn't it would be such a heavy issue! Since she didn't really wish me happy birthday too...And I was asking her to attend our common's friend birthday in 2-3 weeks time... She replied with, "sock ar, you are asking me to attend other people's parties on my birthday..." That's like a real impact to me... Anyway, really sorry. I don't mean to forget!!!

Even as I am typing this, a new problem occur. A family problem. This is definitely not going to be easy to solve, but I just hope I can manage myself for now and go one step at a time. Stay strong grandma! You are definitely much stronger than this! Nobody is going to abandon you!
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To Beguile A Beast B24505212J
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Victoria era books but a change of taste in writing with a switch in authors.

I just swept the entire Elizabeth Hoyt books off the shelf at the library the other day. It doesn't matter if I have ever checked out the book reviews of all these books before. I know they would be addictive, one way of another, and that they can totally fill up my free time during this one month break (before work starts).

Just a side note, the pay isn't that good. Sigh. But I hope the experience makes up for it. Look forward to finally doing some corporate related job rather than the previous ones. I hope the next job will be more in depth into accounting or auditing. :) Looking for a nest to groom and feed me. hahaha

Anyway, back to the book, just want to record a summary of it or something worth noting, so that I can remember what it is about. Sometimes, when you spend one or two days to finish a book of these genre (everyday!), I totally forget what I read about the book before this. I forget the names and plot.

This is the third book of 'The Legend Of The Four Soldiers Series'. A love story between Sir Alistair Munroe and Helen Fitzwilliam. A beast that has hidden in his castle every since returning from the Colonies, scarred inside and out. The legendary beauty ran from past mistakes, seeking for hideout under the Scottish crumbling castle (with two kids) as a housekeeper. Beneath Helen's beautiful facade, Alistair finds a courageous and sensual woman. A woman who doesn't back away from his surlines - or his scars. But just as he begins to believe in true love. Helen's secret past threatens to tears them apart. Now both Beast and Beauty must fight for the one thing neither believed they could ever find - a happy ever after.

I guess I have to end here now.

I wonder when will be the next time I will write again. Hopefully soon.

P.S eurk...someone is smoking near more unit and the smoke drift it. Disgusting. Even when I am at home, I can't avoid the smell? It is as if I am in the coffee shop downstairs now. Pukes.
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Chinese New YEAR!
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This will probably be my second or third last update...

I can't believe that it is already Feb of 2014. This year CNY come too quickly! I can't recall what I have done in Jan...I spend the last week of Jan falling sick and miss out on all the CNY goodies!~ T.T I didn't get to clear the bakwa this year! All the nice food...I am just glad that I have finally recover! I actually wanted to spend sometimes reflecting and writing down the details that have happened over CNY. However, I am lacking in time and patience to do so...

Yesterday was a rare occasion that my family went out together. We terminated the contract with Singtel and signed for the HomeHub services with Starhub! The queue was unbelievable long yesterday and I would have to say the temp staff services is of sub-standard! Well, I was glad that a sales executive served as in the end and he was being really patient with us. We had quite a lot of questions to be answered and contracts to be signed! 3 at a go! I was quite sad that we would have to part with our old house number after so many years... I can't remember what's my new house number now...Our telephone is currently We will have to do plenty of updating on our accounts....zzz I guess we can settle that next time, at least that will be the case for me haha

Oh! Mum bought me a silver necklace from SK! It is meant for my birthday, so I will only wear it after I turn 21! It's quite expensive, so I will keep wearing it! :) Treasure it forever!~ :)

Upcoming events!
6 Feb: Steamboat with Phase 3! (Hopefully that reply least have a memorable one, just this once, I will be happy. YOLO)
8 Feb: Reunion Dinner at Clark Quay Peony Jade
9 Feb: Gathering @ 周老师 house; House visiting with friends in the afternoon till night (Hopefully I can rush back in time >.<)
15 Feb: XTV! (Finally! I hope everything will go as smoothly as possible!)
17 Feb: Caroline's birthday! (I probably can't get anything in time...)
26 Feb, 28 Feb, 5 Mar, 6 Mar: PRELIMS! :0000 (Haven start studying...I need to give it my best!)


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Just wondering if I should shift my blog over to livejournal instead....since I will need to log in to livejournal rather frequently...
Oh well, the weeks ahead are gonna be tough and hectic...with compeition prac squeezing in between school hours and rest days... I doubt I will be posting last post at blogspot was in August...

Pray for good health and safe journey ahead~


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